Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2021

In 2021, Swiss Solar Boat will participate in an international competition: the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge. Organized since 2014, the MCSEBC promotes innovation and the development of systems based on green energy sources. This competition is a real technological challenge designed to meet the energy needs of the maritime world while meeting today’s environmental prerogatives.

Boats must comply with a range of rules covering both technical dimensions and energy systems. In Solar Class, a prototype draws its energy from an on-board reserve, continuously recharged by the solar panels installed on the deck.

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The competition takes place over three days and is divided as follows composed of several races:

  • 1. Fleet Race: endurance of more than two hours
  • 2. Speed race: a quick speed record.
  • 3. Slalom: a technical course of 0.2 nautical miles.
  • 4. Championship race: a one-on-one duel against.
The fastest, most agile and reliable boat wins the prize competition. Innovation and eco-design are also rewarded.


One team, One boat, One goal
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