Innovation and experience

2 schools

1 boat

+60 students

Swiss Solar Boat is a project created by engineering students from EPFL and HEIG-VD. We aim to contribute to the technological innovation that the world needs in terms of sustainability.

Our story and legacy

Driven by our passion and the experience acquired during the student competition Hydrocontest, our team strives for a larger scale project. Swiss Solar Boat aims to design and build a solar-powered boat led by a pilot in order to participate in the international competition of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge in 2021


First contest participation

  • First participation in the Hydrocontest competition
  • 2nd in mass transport with a so called SWASH boat
  • Semi-Final in personal watercraft with our innovative bifoiler


First victory

  • Consecration for the team, reaching the highest step of the podium in the mass transport category


Second bifoiler design

  • 2nd place in the long distance race
  • Design award for our bifoiler
  • Eco-design prices



  • Second victory in the mass transport category


Innovation’s victory

  • Innovation Award for our so called “NES” boat
  • 2nd place in personal watercraft


Start of Swiss Solar Boat

  • Transition from Hydrocontest to Swiss Solar Boat
  • First design iteration of the Proa by Fabio Circelli and Pierre-Alexandre Boschert.


Farewell Hydrocontest

  • Participation in the last edition of Hydrocontest
  • 1st prize in speed race
  • 1st prize in energy efficiency
  • 2nd place in endurance race
  • 3rd place in mass transport


Baby Prao

  • Scale model used to develop the design and controls of the Prao

Next stop, road to Monaco 2021


One team, One boat, One goal
Unite to contribute to the creation of a new sustainable world.

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