Swiss Solar is looking for motivaded and talented students for next year.  Currently, we offer admin positions including heads, recruitment for technical positions will take place in September. 

Join a unique and challenging adventure!

Organization of the tests and competitions : Vidy, Monaco

  • Organization of the makerspace
  • Management of materials, inventory
  • Safety training and acces to SKIL, SPOT
  • Helping for the events
  • Management of the insurance, and the licence needed : pilot, hoist …


  • Responsable of logistics 
  • Logistics team for the tests and makerspace

Organise events: Open House, Welcome Day, Lausanne-Evian, Green Ribbon, conferences

  • Contacting external parties for logistics
  • Catering
  • Communication within the team and externally on the networks
  • Organise shifts for events
  • Gather communication material for the stands
  • Train members in hand facts on the boat for presentations


  • Head of events
  • Team event for the Green Ribbon

Large budget and lot of technical needs

  • Approach new partners!
  • Target people to contact: Mail, Linkedin
  • Propose a meeting/call, sell the project
  • Contracts
  • Do external representation, go to events (boat shows, private events)

Collaborate with tech for technical partnerships 

Keep good contact with current partners: sponsorship thanks

Interaction with events and communication


  • Head of partnerships
  • Sponsoring teammates (the more the merrier)
    • Account management: reimbursement, payment of bills, …
    • Person in charge of managing and supervising the updating of the budget
    • Help with contracts, administrative help
    • Link with sponsorship
    • Liaison with tech and other areas of the committee when revising budgets


    • Treasurer!!


    • Manage the website (WordPress)
    • Manage social media (LinkedIn,, Instagram) and goodies 
    • Manage design of posters, events invitations … 
    • Link with team sponso  to put forward our partners in our content
    • Cover events and ensure presence daily with the tech


    • Team leader
    • Web manager
    • Community manager
    • Graphiste

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