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Swiss Solar Boat Next Steps for 2024


After participating in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in 2021 and 2022, we realized the importance of enhancing our boat’s autonomy. This insight inspired us to embark on an exciting new project: developing a three-seater hybrid solar-hydrogen boat on foils, known as The Renewable Energy Foiler (REF).

While designing the REF, we also implemented a hydrogen range extender on our previous boat, The Dahu, to further explore hybrid technology. In April 2024, The Dahu successfully crossed Lake Geneva from Lausanne to Évian, powered by hydrogen.

This achievement proved the effectiveness of the hydrogen system and our ability to manage this new technology, boosting our confidence in scaling it up for the REF.

With the design phase of the REF now complete, we have moved into production and aim to test the boat on the water by mid-2025. Our ultimate goal is to compete in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in the summer of 2026 in a new category, the SeaLab, which focuses on autonomy performance.

This journey underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainable marine technology.

Lausanne – Evian crossing

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After two years of designing and producing the range extender for its Dahu, Swiss Solar Boat has reach a new milestone.

Since 2022, many challenges have been brilliantly met by the team, and the first Lausanne-Evian crossing on a hydrogen foiling boat is a big milestone for the team!

The aim of this crossing is to prove that the hydrogen vector can be mastered and that it is beneficial to nautical mobility.

This mark a major step forward in our project to produce a new prototype by 2026.


The REX is a system that has been developed since mid 2022.

It is composed of a 2kW Fuel Cell System and 2 hydrogen tanks which will carry a total of 300g of Hydrogen.

It is implemented in parallel of the solar panel. With one supply of hydrogen the boat is able to reach a total autonomy of 26km.

The system has been implemented in a highly efficient carbon sled below the deck and next to the cockpit.

The Dahu’s REX system has triple its range while increasing its weight by just 25%.


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