Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge

In 2021 and 2022, Swiss Solar Boat manage to participate in an international competition: the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Organised since 2014, the MEBC promotes innovation and the development of systems based on green energy sources. This competition is a real technological challenge aimed at meeting the energy needs of the maritime world while also responding to today’s environmental prerogatives. The boats must comply with a set of rules relating to both technical dimensions and energy systems. In the Solar Class, a prototype draws its energy from an on-board reserve, which is continuously recharged by solar panels installed on the deck.

For more information, visit the official Monaco Energy Boat Challenge website.

The competition takes place over three days and is divided as follows
composed of several races:

1. Fleet Race: endurance of more than two hours.
2. Speed Race: a fast speed record.
3. Slalom: a technical course of 0.2 nautical miles.
4. Championship race: a head-to-head duel against.

The fastest, most agile and most reliable boat wins the prize
the competition.

Innovation, eco-design, communication and team spirit are also rewarded.

2021 and 2022 results 

In 2021, we obtained amazing results for a first participation: second position in the solar class and a special jury distinction for eco conception.

After optimizing the Dahu for a year, Swiss Solar Boat came back to the MEBC in july 2022 and obtained once again a silver medal in the solar class while, this time round, winning the championship race, a series of duels that puts to test the speed and maneuverability of the boats in the Yacht’s Club harbor.


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