Next steps…

Swiss Solar Boat has set a new course this year and has set the goal of developing a new hybrid hydrogen-solar boat for the horizon of 2025. Starting this year, our objective is to implement a hydrogen module in the Dahu (our current boat), which will serve as a testing platform for the future boat. And since new challenges do not scare us, we have decided to organize our own event to mark the culmination of this year of work: the Lausanne-Evian crossing. 

The Lausanne-Evian crossing

Our goal for April 2024 is to achieve the first Lausanne-Evian crossing with a boat powered by hydrogen and solar energy. This crossing is highly symbolic: it represents more than 40% of passenger transport on Lake Geneva. It is with the Dahu equipped with its new hydrogen fuel cell, providing it with quadrupled autonomy, that we will succeed in this endeavor.

We aim to bring together various key players in nautical mobility around a sustainable project by organizing a broadcast at Vidy. This crossing will represent the culmination of the 2022-2024 work years for the Swiss Solar Boat team.


New horizons for 2025

We are already in the design phase of an entirely new hybrid hydrogen-solar boat, operational for the horizon of 2025, with the following key features:

To give meaning to this new project, we have also considered the creation of an event dedicated to boats operating on renewable energies: the Green Ribbon.

The goal is to organize an event with a race as the main element, following the model of the existing Blue Ribbon (a speed challenge open to all yachts). The idea is to create an environmentally respectful challenge to bring together several participants who have successfully innovated sustainable transportation solutions.

We would like to propose two categories with special awards (speed, eco-design, innovation, etc.):

  •  Zero Emission: Boats compete with a certain amount of clean energy on board at the start.
  • Zero Energy: Boats compete without any on-board energy storage.

For each category, we plan two races:

  • Round trip Geneva-Bouveret (160 km)
  • One-way Geneva-Bouveret (80 km)

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or join this wonderful adventure!


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