All members of the Swiss Solar Boar team share a common vision for the future: the creation of a new sustainable world.
Here are the goals we have set for ourselves in order to approach this vision:

Strengthening learning

To give students the opportunity to apply the skills acquired during the EPFL courses in a concrete way through Bachelor and Master projects.

Share a human adventure

To exchange knowledge between members of the association and join forces to accomplish a common project. To be part of a collective vision.

Raising awareness of green energy

Demonstrate the power of renewable energy by using solar panels to power our boat.

Propose an innovative concept

Creating a boat with a unique design, implementing state-of-the-art technologies.

Serious commitment

Have results that demonstrate students’ abilities.

Representing Switzerland abroad

To exhibit our know-how in international competitions. Affirm the leadership of Swiss schools in cutting-edge technologies.


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